The Marcel Foot bridge

This project was conducted in collaboration with Virginie Gouffray and Alessandro Bortesi for the competition Construir’Acier 2013, a national competition to promote the use of steel. The theme was « the great escape »

A historic and cinematographic place
The footbridge is located between the Valmy and Jemmapes quays, in the former industrial district of the Saint Martin’s canal (Paris).

The pedestrian as the main actor/protagonist
The Marcel foot bridge sets up a dialogue between the visitor and his environment. It encourages visitors to play the game of looking for vantage points and frames. These vantage points interrupt the passage of the visitor,
thus creating a link with the local residents and the neighborhood.

The Eye as a camera
The Marcel foot bridge encourages visitors to stop, to pause and to take time to look thanks to the different openings which focus on various vantage points, just like a camera shooting a scene.
The openings are inside four boxes placed at the foot bridge’s intersection points.

The night scene
By night, the Marcel bridge blends into the landscape and the passerby can only see the illuminated openings
of the footbridge.